The hand is composed of many different bones, muscles, and ligaments that allow for a large amount of movement and dexterity. Numerous muscles, ligaments, and sheaths can be found within the hand. The muscles are the structures that can contract, allowing movement of the bones in the hand. The ligaments are fibrous tissues that help bind together the joints in the hand.

The physicians at Florida Orthopaedic Specialists evaluate and manage problems involving pain or injury of the arm, forearm, wrist, and hand. Common conditions we treat can include fractures and dislocations, sprains, strains, and muscle or ligament tears, injuries to tendons, nerves, or vessels, numbness or weakness in the hand or arm (including carpal tunnel syndrome), arthritis, contractures, and swelling or inflammation. Treatments for hand, wrist, forearm or arm conditions include surgical and non-surgical remedies.

Non-surgical remedies can include:

  • Non-steroidal and/or steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Physical/Occupational Therapy
  • Cortisone Injections
  • Bracing

Surgical remedies can include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Release – open and/or endoscopic
  • Microvascular Surgery
  • Ligament Reconstruction
  • Arthroscopy of the Wrist
  • Arthroscopy of the Thumb
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Fusions

The physicians at Florida Orthopaedic Specialists are committed to providing the highest quality of medical care. If you are experiencing pain in your hand, wrist, forearm or arm or a loss of function an examination by an orthopaedic physician can help determine a correct diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment options. Call us at 772-335-4770 for an appointment or use our convenient appointment form!